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4 Most Popular Wedding Venue Décor for Different Wedding Themes

This week or wedding inspiration is on stunning wedding venue décor ideas for the most amazing wedding ceremony and reception. Your wedding reception is where all your plans come together and play out to give you the beautiful wedding day that you that you have planned for so long and would want to enjoy at this point. Check out some very beautiful wedding venue décor ideas to get your wedding planning creative juices flowing.

1. Vintage Wedding Venue Décor

Wedding Decor Styled by Style Your Day
Stunning Vintage Wedding in a Barn Setting

This is a stunning vintage wedding in a barn setting created by Sophie Fairless of Style Your Day.  Vintage weddings are so popular and so are barn weddings.  This wedding venue décor would make use of charming props and details such as tea cups, birdcages, cupcake stands and fairy lights to create the perfect atmosphere for that shabby chic feeling.

2. Art Deco Wedding Venue Décor

Wedding Venue Décor
Art Deco Wedding Venue Décor

How amazingly stunning is this wedding venue décor? I love an art deco wedding. It’s all elegance, clean lines, Great Gatsby and glamour.  If you want a real show stopper wedding, then an art deco wedding venue décor may very well be for you.

3. Destination Wedding Venue Décor

Wedding Venue Décor
Destination Wedding Venue Décor

Scarcely do you come across wedding venue décor that has the sheer brilliance and ability to take your breath away as this destination wedding venue décor in a Cavo Ventus Luxury Villa in Santorini, Greece does.  I couldn’t speak for a few seconds after I clapped eyes on this picture.  It’s just lovely. Enjoying the most amazingly romantic day, having fun with friends and family on the most loved up day of your life in a setting like this is the stuff dreams are made of.

4. Fairytale Wedding Venue Décor

Fairytale Wedding Venue Décor
Fairytale Wedding Venue Décor

Think classic romance, Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.  Play the role of a Disney princess bride at your very own fairytale wedding. You would need beautiful flowers, a chandelier or two; perhaps some lit candles, fairy lights and lots of gorgeous prettiness to pull off a beautiful fairytale wedding venue.

I hope you have been inspired by this week’s dose of inspiration for your wedding planning.  Don’t you just feel like going out and showing these pictures to your wedding venue stylist or if you are styling yourself, then start doing your research.

Happy wedding planning and many blessings,


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