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4 Most Popular Wedding Venue Décor for Different Wedding Themes

This week or wedding inspiration is on stunning wedding venue décor ideas for the most amazing wedding ceremony and reception. Your wedding reception is where all your plans come together and play out to give you the beautiful wedding day that you that you have planned for so long and would want to enjoy at this point. Check out some very beautiful wedding venue décor ideas to get your wedding planning creative juices flowing.

1. Vintage Wedding Venue Décor

Wedding Decor Styled by Style Your Day
Stunning Vintage Wedding in a Barn Setting

This is a stunning vintage wedding in a barn setting created by Sophie Fairless of Style Your Day.  Vintage weddings are so popular and so are barn weddings.  This wedding venue décor would make use of charming props and details such as tea cups, birdcages, cupcake stands and fairy lights to create the perfect atmosphere for that shabby chic feeling.

2. Art Deco Wedding Venue Décor

Wedding Venue Décor
Art Deco Wedding Venue Décor

How amazingly stunning is this wedding venue décor? I love an art deco wedding. It’s all elegance, clean lines, Great Gatsby and glamour.  If you want a real show stopper wedding, then an art deco wedding venue décor may very well be for you.

3. Destination Wedding Venue Décor

Wedding Venue Décor
Destination Wedding Venue Décor

Scarcely do you come across wedding venue décor that has the sheer brilliance and ability to take your breath away as this destination wedding venue décor in a Cavo Ventus Luxury Villa in Santorini, Greece does.  I couldn’t speak for a few seconds after I clapped eyes on this picture.  It’s just lovely. Enjoying the most amazingly romantic day, having fun with friends and family on the most loved up day of your life in a setting like this is the stuff dreams are made of.

4. Fairytale Wedding Venue Décor

Fairytale Wedding Venue Décor
Fairytale Wedding Venue Décor

Think classic romance, Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.  Play the role of a Disney princess bride at your very own fairytale wedding. You would need beautiful flowers, a chandelier or two; perhaps some lit candles, fairy lights and lots of gorgeous prettiness to pull off a beautiful fairytale wedding venue.

I hope you have been inspired by this week’s dose of inspiration for your wedding planning.  Don’t you just feel like going out and showing these pictures to your wedding venue stylist or if you are styling yourself, then start doing your research.

Happy wedding planning and many blessings,


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Valentine Wedding Inspiration for Your Special Day

Valentine wedding inspiration does not have to be for just weddings that fall on Valentines day. It can be for any wedding at any season because Valentine is after all the day love is celebrated and revered.

Happy Valentine’s day beautiful ladies! I hope you are all having a very romantic day so far? I really can’t believe it’s valentine’s day already! It was happy new year like a couple of days ago now the beautiful day we celebrate love has come around so quickly, This is not to say that love should not be celebrated every day……everyday should be Valentine’s day in the real sense with the ones you love.

The feeling of love that surrounds Valentines day makes us think about the number of couples that typically get engaged just to celebrate this special day, In fact, Estilo Moda Bridal have three brides getting married today.

To be a part of the romance and be our usual helpful selves we have some “valentine inspired” images we found for your wedding planning. Enjoy…

Valentine wedding inspiration

Valentine wedding inspiration

Valentine wedding inspiration

Valentine wedding inspiration

Valentine wedding inspiration

Valentine wedding inspiration

Valentine wedding inspiration

Valentine wedding inspiration

Valentine wedding inspiration

Valentine wedding inspiration

I hope you have been inspired for your wedding day with our valentine wedding inspiration

Have a romance filled wedding planning!

Sarah xo

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2015 Wedding Trends: What’s New and What’s Big in the World of Weddings For This Year

2015 Wedding trends have already started to show up from the end of 2014 , where there was still a lot of vintage themes being used and a bit of the 1920s feel because of The Great Gatsby.  Brides love the glitz and sparkle but there’s so much more of this and more to look forward to in the wedding world this year.

Everyone bride tells us that she wants a unique wedding. This new year couples are all about ensuring that their wedding is personal to them with every detail reflecting their personality.  So, how is this personalisation going to be executed? I believe its all in the detail. Every single detail can be made your very own way.

To be in touch with the 2015 wedding trends we have put together popular trends for that we have already heard of frequently from brides and we think is already building a picture for the 2015 wedding trends.

Themes and Décor

We find that the Art Deco trend has been quoted by quite a number of brides for what they seek in their theme and wedding décor.  Brides love the glitz, glam and sparkle.  The decadence and the beautiful artistic symmetry that this era gives.  The idea is to create a very personal and intimate atmosphere while incorporating the elegance and sophistication where family and friends would feel pampered and truly like they have come out for a fabulous day out.  The unwavering appeal of Princess Kate and Downton Abbey aided the influx of stylish details that simply spell glamour.  Here are some Art Deco theme and décor ideas for you:

2015 Wedding Trends - Art Deco Wedding Decoration
Art Deco Wedding Decor
2015 Wedding Trends - Art Deco Wedding Decor
Art Deco Wedding Decor

Wedding Dresses and Bridal Wear

This is where we get excited because we love wedding dresses! The sheer joy on a bride’s face when she is greeted by her dream wedding dress makes us very happy but of course, before that moment comes, there is the whole process of working out what your dream dress is.  These are some of the noteworthy 2015 wedding trends for bridal wear:

– Statement Back Wedding Dresses

Evie Full Skirt and Lace Bodice Wedding DRess with side slit
Evie – Jadé Bridal 2015 Collection


– Sparkly Sequin Bridesmaids Dresses

Estilo Moda Bridal Eve Gold Sequin Wedding Dress, Prom Dress, Bridesmaids Dress 2015 Wedding Trends
Eve – Jadé 2015 Collection


-Wedding Dresses with Colour

2015 Wedding Trends - Art Deco Wedding Dress Prom Dress Evening Gown Occasion Dress
Faye – Jadé Bridal 2015 Collection


– Heavily Beaded Dresses

Estilo Moda Bridal Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaids Dresses in Milton Keynes
Jasmine – Jadé Bridal 2015 Collection


– Structured and Sexier Artistic Designs

2015 Wedding Trends - Bustier Bodice and Mermaid Skirt Wedding Dress
Olivia – Jadé Bridal 2015 Collection


The main colours we see in the 2015 weddings trends remain soft and subtle.  We are still seeing the pastels and easy on the eye shades but these are being coupled with sparkly details to give that elegance and glam factor.  Here are some of the colours that brides have been asking for:

2015 Wedding Trends - Wedding Colours
2015 Popular Wedding Colours


I hope this sets you along the way with deciding what you can choose for your big day if you are the sort of person to go for what is trendy.

As we would always say to you our lovely brides, the watch word is comfort! Don’t go for anything you are not comfortable with.

Have a fun filled wedding planning

Omo and Sarah xxx

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Moodboard of the week – Royal Blue Wedding Inspiration

We love a royal blue wedding.  Even the name royal says it all.  Royal blue is this seriously cool, extremely elegant colour that has been very popular over the years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  This week we looked at the electric and exciting colour Royal Blue! A truly mesmerising colour which is a also great wedding colour. Brilliant in any season royal blue, is bound to add a bit of wow to your big day.

Royal blue is a perfect colour for bridesmaids dresses as it makes the white or ivory of your wedding dress really stand out from the crowd. Adding things like ribbons, candles and accessories in this fab colour works really well creating some colour to your royal blue wedding but not too much as you wouldn’t want it to overpower anything else.

Royal blue works beautifully on it’s own and there may not be need to add any other colour to this already stunning one.

Did we say we love a Royal Blue Wedding!Here are some royal blue bridesmaid dresses we have in our Bridesmaid collection

Estilo Moda Milton Keynes Roxanne Illusion neckline cap sleeve sheath style cowl back royal blue Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress cobalt blue bridesmaid dress

embm01, BELLA bridesmaid dress, royal blue bridesmaid dress, lace bridesmaid dress, short bridesmaid dress, bridesmaids dresses in milton keynes, made to measure bridesmaids dress, bespoke bridesmaids dresses

I hope you have been inspired.

Katie x

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