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Six Wedding Day Emergency Issues and How to Resolve Them

Its finally your wedding day! Its the one most important day of your life to date and a day that you have planned and prepared for so carefully and meticulously.  No one ever wants problems on any day but to have a problem on your wedding day surely would be the most awful thing that could ever happen to anyone. Here are some emergencies that have happened a little too many times at other weddings and of course, how they can be resolved so that your beautiful day will not be ruined:

Wedding Day Emergency

1. A Sudden Facial Breakout

I consider this the worst of the worst and somehow this always happens every time I have something big planned or a big day coming up.  Sometimes I think just the sheer stress and anxiety of your wedding day causes your skin to break out with unsightly spots.  While it may be easy for me to say just chill out and enjoy it all, I know more often than not, brides worry; so here’s something to help you with spots if they do break out instead.

Wedding Day Emergency Solution:  One great solution is to mix some sea salt with water and apply it to the spot or spots.  This will kill the pimple causing bacteria and dry out the pimple. Alterantively, grab a lemon and rub it over the affected areas.  Lemons act to tighten the skin as well which is always great.


2. Stain on Your Wedding Dress

The worst of the worst has happened and somehow a stain has found its way to your wedding dress.  You don’t know how it has happened and you don’t care.  All you want to know is how to fix it as a matter of urgency.  Do not grab the bleach or soap just yet as you may do more damage to your dress.

Wedding Day Emergency Solution:  Grab some cotton wool and apply some hairspray to it and then rub over the stain very gently until you get it out.  If any stains are still visible rub some white talcum powder on the stain


3. Make Up Stain

Ok so your aunty Evie decides to give you a kiss but she has always been known to be a clumsy one and her lipstick somehow finds its way to a spot on your dress.  Don’t panic!

Wedding Day Emergency Solution: Grab some club soda and rub them on that same spot and rub a little salt on it to soak up some of the moisture and let it dry.


4. Watermark

Personally, I hate watermarks with every fibre of my being.  You go to clean a little stain out of a dress with a bit of water and when it dries, it leaves behind this awful patch on your dress that is unsightly at best.  Other things that cause watermarks are sweat or tears which are almost unavoidable on a wedding day.

Wedding Day Emergency Solution: If you have a hand steamer (and it may be a good idea to get an inexpensive one before the wedding), then just apply some steam over the watermark to lift it out and if your fabric allows, then use an iron over the damp area.  Please note that some fabrics do not take very well to being ironed so find out before hand if you can use an iron on your wedding dress fabric and what heat level.


5. Bloating

You may be the type that gets really bloated especially when anxious as you will most likely be on your wedding day.  If that’s the case then don’t worry too much about it.

Wedding Day Emergency Solution:  Sip some lovely peppermint tea and this will calm your nerves as well as an upset tummy and have you enjoying your wedding day in no time at all.


6. Scratchy or Irritating Bead-work on Your Dress

Beading is absolutely stunning when applied on a wedding dress but sometimes not the most comfortable.  Many brides have complained about not wanting any beads on the underarms of their dresses and we now only use the round beads with no pointed edges especially for that area of the wedding dress. If; however, you have bought a readymade dress that has come with the beading already, then don’t fear.

Wedding Day Emergency Solution: Get some anti-chaffing cream and rub on the area where you have the most irritation and this should prevent the beads from annoying you too much throughout the day

I really hope this helps someone out there and I look forward to hearing both your stories and your fears for your wedding day. I can sympathise and I can help.

Happy wedding planning and many blessings

Omo xx


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