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6 Really Great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Your Leading Ladies

This week we bring you some really great bridesmaid gift ideas for the ones who have made this wedding planning experience even more special for you.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

So they’ve agreed to be your bridesmaids; against the odds and even after you have already told them that you plan to be a bridezilla and will milk this wedding planning time to your advantage and to no end.  They’re still up for it and you really want to reward them.  They have made the process beautiful and seamless; they have held you when you cried in sheer frustration because your mother-in-law has added yet another unknown cousin to the guest list.  They have shouted down the phone at wedding suppliers who refuse to reply your emails; even though they told you that they are never open at 12 midnight.  They have trawled round a 1000 bridal shops with you looking for the perfect wedding dress and oohed and aahed over every single dress you tried on.  Girl, please reward them and reward them well.  Here are some really great bridesmaid gift ideas that will make them forgive and forget your bridezilla moments and appreciate you even long after the wedding.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas – Beautiful Sparkly Earrings

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Courtesy of our dearly beloved etsy; where you can find the most amazing bridesmaid gift ideas.  No one ever says no to sparkly drop earrings and these wouldn’t break the bank as well.  Click on the picture for a link to this listing.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas – DIY Bridesmaid Gift Hamper

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

I really adore this bridesmaid gift hamper.  It’s full of everything girls love; a bit of alcohol, chocolate, something to adorn and something to prettify. There’s no doubt that your bridesmaids would love this box full of treasures.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas – Personalised Bracelets

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

How wonderfully charming are these bracelets.  We found this great bridesmaid gift idea on Pinterest and you can find lots of sellers on etsy who sell similar bracelets which your girls will simply adore. Click on the picture for a gallery of some of them.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas – Kimono Robes

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

These kimono robes have become so popular recently and I can totally see why.  They are really pretty and make for the most stunning wedding morning preparation pictures.  Your bridesmaids will still find these kimono robes useful long after the wedding; a gift that keeps on giving. Click on the picture to go to the website where we found these.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas – Puzzle Piece Key Holder

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

This puzzle piece key holder is both functional and sentimental.  This is a fabulous gift that reminds your bridesmaids every time they open a door of your wedding and the experience they shared with you. A true keepsake.  Again, another etsy find.  Click on the picture for the link to this gift.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas – Clutch Bags

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Clutch bags that match your bridesmaid dresses is another great way of gifting your lovely ladies for all their help during your wedding planning. These complimentary multi-pattern ones we found on etsy are particularly fetching.  Click on the picture  to see where we found these.

I really hope you have been inspired by these.  Get gifting girlies 🙂

Happy wedding planning and many blessings

Omo xxx

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